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Varicose veins: how to cure «starlit disease»

Varicose expansion veins: how to cure «starlit disease»

This is a disease many people think the lot of old grandmothers, but in fact, have to meet with him every fifth woman and some men, and long before retirement. These are varicose veins.

Problems with veins - pryamohozhdenie payoff for humankind. The two are not really that big of surfaces (35, maximum size 45) are to withstand the weight with each generation more and more bulky phone. Moreover, the blood, which descends on the arteries and capillaries to the most down the finger tips, should still go back and back. Here, it's what goes snag. It happens that the outflow is broken and «overpass» istonchayutsya, vzduvayutsya and all that «Beauty» in the form of stars, actors and speakers veins become visible to the naked eye.

Why is this happening? The causes of varicose veins a lot. First of all, it is hereditary. If your female relatives have similar problems, the probability that you will not bowl "This bypasses. To avoid such «pleasures», after 20 years is regularly checked by a specialist on the status of blood circulation in the limbs.

Another reason varicosity, little depends on us - this pregnancy. In 30% of women in this period there are signs of venous veins, and all because the veins have the additional burden - increasing the weight and changing hormonal background.

There are also factors that are dependent on lifestyle. Appearance of varicose veins contribute to overweight and receiving oral contraceptives. Also at risk are:

• those who are high heels;

• athletes whose activities are associated with a high load on the legs (tennis, weightlifting, bodybuilding);

• hairdressers, salespeople, teachers, waiters and members of other professions who spend a lot of time standing;

• those who work while sitting, but loves this time cast the leg on the leg;

• lovers of coffee and alcohol, because these products dehydrate the body and thus thicken the blood, making her way back to the heart.

How to recognize?

If by the end of the working day, you feel heaviness in the legs and your favorite shoes have become narrow due to lung edema, then it's time to go to the doctor. Periodically occur cramps, pain in ikrah must also alerted.

eye Notable changes in the veins usually start with a small - with the emergence of vascular asterisks. In the future, irreversible processes are occurring in large veins, they come to the surface, their walls in some places and they look istonchayutsya nodose.

Cure can not be pardoned!

should refute the opinion that the varicose veins - a purely cosmetic problem. In fact, the patient is gradually getting worse (if you have any cardiovascular star, do not expect that their case and limited), but ignoring the problem could very unpleasant complications. These include trophic ulcers, thrombosis and even death - if the thrombus otorvetsya and with blood vessels caught in the light.

more haste, less speed more lechish

The sooner will be revealed varicose veins, the less long and difficult way to get rid of the problems will choose the doctor.

For diagnosis is usually made a special ultrasound examination, during which a physician determines in what conditions are your veins, and designate the appropriate treatment.

In the initial stages of the disease is well helping medicines that strengthen the walls of vessels, as well as elastic wraps. For the past used a bandage, the old-fashioned, no special clothes, which are selected personally by your size, and purchased with a prescription.

over 5-6 treatments cures nezapuschenny varicosity sclerotherapy - a special procedure, during which the sick vein injected through a syringe medicine.

Faster, 3-4 session of laser therapy can get rid of the asterisks.

However, if the process had gone too far, return the former beauty of legs is capable of operation only. Usually, it is to remove one way or another problem areas vein.

Do not worry, your feet will not be plain scars. This procedure is widely used special technology that allows us not only to avoid the traces, but to walk alone after 4-6 hours after surgery.

physician can be consulted on the page"doctor".
This service is completely freeandanonymous.

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* The published information is intended solely for information purposes. For diagnosis and therapy appointments, we strongly recommend that you consult a doctor.

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